If all you had was a picture, it would seem Charity Spencer is one of those model types; tall, poised, beautiful. Qualities that are undeniably striking, but not always signifiers of emotional depth or real talent. But after only moments with Charity her reservoir of talent, honesty, and abiding love for humanity are all you can think about. It’s those initial qualities that make her such a treat to watch on screen while, just barely under the surface, her spiritual presence silently astounds. No stranger to the camera or stage, Charity has been an actor and professional in the Nashville film and video sphere for years. A graduate of Cedarville University, Charity has benefited from training both in school and on set, experience to meet her education and then surpass it. Charity’s work and reputation in Nashville has led to numerous solid performances across the board, from commercials, industrials, music videos, and even feature films. It’s easy to find good actors, but nearly impossible to find those whose talent is matched by natural grace, compassion, and honest-to-goodness human warmth. Charity Spencer is one of these rarities.

-Bio by actor and writer, Austin Johnson



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